Searching for a special spare part for the front wheel hub

Jul 24, 2016
Hello peeps, I'm new here :)

while fixing a flat tire, I lost a small part of the hub. I don't know the name for it (english is not my mother tongue) but it appears that it's job is to keep the distance between the hub and the fork. To get back home, a friend helped me out with some washers:

That's not a bad idea as it essentially does the same as the missing part. The downside here is that the washers fit perfectly into that round "immersion", press against the hub and therefore brake the wheel. The missing part is designed to fit exactly on the top of the immersion. The local cycling store wasn't able to help. As far as I can see, these hubs (Easton Vista SL) are no longer produced and even if they'd be produced, you'd not be able to buy the missing part separately? I searched the local hardware store for more suitable washers - without success.

Perhaps you guys/gals have an idea?