Searching giant cfr cadex frame 55cm c-t

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    I am from germany (please regret my bad english:(), and I hope someone can help me: I have buildt up a TT-bike based on a Giant CFR (see the pic attached). I only use it in spring-/summer time (april-september), for off-season I want to build up a second bike (equipped with campy Shamal HPW wheels) to achieve the exactly same riding position. On ebay there are either complete bikes, or far to large frames. So, if someone would like to sell his bike respectively the frame (I will not use it on bad weather conditions, e.g snowy/iced roads-see the very well condition of my CFR, it is like new), or someone knows someone who would sell it, please let me know. It even were sufficient to get only the frame, I have 1" spare forks.