Seat angle, shifters, groupset: Viper sports trike

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Risto Varanka, Apr 5, 2003.

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  1. Thinking about a Steintrikes Viper, it's an affordable sports trike. and

    The purpose is to get something fast for track racing, training on the road or better cycle tracks,
    and audax events. As I'll have it for a while I'd use it for some touring and commuting (not in
    traffic) as well. I can use my upright hybrid as commuting double.

    This led me thinking whether 25 degree seat angle is comfortable in most situations... or should I
    go for example 30 degrees. The compromise could be useful for touring and commuting of course, but
    how about audax stuff? Does anybody here experience discomfort because of neck straining/craning on
    a say, 100-600 km ride, when riding with a seat angle around 25 degrees? Higher seat angle would
    compromise some speed in the sprints, time trials and road rides... Then again I could perhaps get
    some speed boost from a fairing, but even faired vehicles are faster with a low seat angle I gather.

    I was thinking of getting Dura-Ace bar end shifters, would they be the best choice? For gearing I
    could use triple crankset with large jumps between the gears, for a good range, and in the rear
    alternate between eg. 11-34 megarange and 11-23 road cassette. 9 speeds on the rear. I think it's
    a rather mixed groupset (Deore, Tiagra/Sora, and what have you...), any compatibility issues I
    might miss?

    I started thinking about a racing trike and now it's all the time going more and more towards an
    all-around vehicle... deja vu! Looks like it's gonna be so compromised I just have to buy that low
    low racer in a couple of years ;p But that's ok, I'm just starting out with bents and racing...

    Risto Varanka | varis at no spam please iki fi

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.