Seat problems, Selle Italia LDY Genuine Gel


Apr 13, 2004
I recently advised a friend to buy a Selle Italia LDY Genuine Gel as it is the most recomended Lady specific seat where we live.

I have one on my MTB for training new riders from our swimming squad.

Well, from day one my friend complained of the seat not being comfortable, there seemed to be a problem at the front. She rode my MTB, loved it, smiles all the ride, then rides her bike home, agony. (Husband not happy)

Well, I decided to clean her bike for christmas, and re do the geometry. When I was setting up the seatpost I noticed no relief slot in the base of the saddle. My MTB Seat has a slot under the centre of the seat running fore/aft for about 5". Ah, the problem!! No wonder she had immense discomfort on hers and not on mine.

I phoned the local Selle Agent, he is sending it back, there should be a relief slot in the base. There is a womens forum where some of the ladys have thrown this seat away.

If you have a problem with this model, check underneath for a slot, if it is not there ask your LBS why, there may be 100s of ladies with faulty and uncomfortable saddles.
I have had some feed back from out Aus Importer.

The famous Selle Italia lady (Ldy) Genuine Gel seat, with the raised stiching is now replaced by 2 seats.

One, much cheaper with the same name, no raised stiching, which I bought for my friend, has no slot in the base. Very uncomfortable!

The other the much more expensive Selle Italia LDY Gel Flow has the slot right through the seat, base and padding. They suggest thowing out the one I bought and buying a GF to replace it. No assistance given.

Well, I gave my nice Gel seat with the raised stiching and the slotted base to the lady in the story and kept the uncomfortable one. I bought a Dremel tool and cut my own slot, not quite as good, but certaily better than no slot. If I get a year out of it, that's OK.

The moral of the story, buyer beware, turn the seat over before the money. :)
I have a Selle Italia LDY has a slot in it but it still uncomfy. Nothing too bad, but its not too good either. Hmmm just to confuse the theory
Thanks for the response Bikelet, I am still using the seat on my Trekking bike, its OK for me on short medium rides so far. I have had no feedback from the Lady in the above story in over 3 months now, so all must be comfortable.

Some of the other forums suggest the SerfasRX Ladies as a more comfortable replacement for the Selle Italia.

Your comments certainly reinforce the theory, one size does not fit all and all girls are not the same... :)