Being a female that I am and using a seat that was given to me, I found after a while it become uncomfortable.
Does anyone have any suggestions on the comfortable seat?
female hey, thats cool! i'm male

Who gave you the **** seat?

it became uncomfortable did it? can i help ease the pain?

maybe you should just buy a seat thats made for females, go to your local bike shop.

it became uncomfortable did it? can i help ease the pain?

Keep it above the gutter please. Remember this is a public forum, if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it here!

Going to your LBS is good advice, a good LBS might even let you test a few seats!
ok well thanks but it wasnt much help
I was looking for a brand name....
Having just found this site I may be a bit late but Terry and selle italia both produce saddles specifically for ladies. Info on Terry included in and for selle otalia on
Rolls is the only option.

I'll say it again;


later!  ;D
Here are few more seats to look into, Terry and Fi'zi:k. Seats that work for one person might not work for another. I train with a lady that ride a Flite (mens). So I would go a long with LBS.
drw is right. saddles are a very personal thing. i've spent alot of time and money trying to find the ONE GREAT SADDLE. I now ride a selle italia prolink trans am and really like it.

i've got a girlfriend who's a big girl...6' - 1'' (1.86m) and 155 lbs (70.5kg) that rides a man's selle italia max flite trans am.

good luck and don't give up...try, try again!
:D Have you ever thought of riding a recumbent?I think youwill find one of these very comfy.
Andrea, check out the Terry saddles. They are really wide seats that many ladies think are the best.

As for riding a 'bent, don't even give it a thought. Wedgies are the best bikes to ride!
Information on Terry products can be found here:

My wife uses a WSD (Womens Specific Desing) saddle called the HAMOC. I tried it once and almost damaged myself seriously!!!!! It really works for her and she swears by it. Try the website is:-

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!

Big H