Secret new training supplement!


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Jan 24, 2002
<br />Guys/Gals,<br /><br />I've recently been reunited with a training supplement that's legal, effective and cheap!<br /><br />It's called tar......<br /><br />I've been on leave for two weeks and managed 800km's in that time. Step aside expensive protein drinks, gels, energy bars, vitamins etc - I'm fitter now than I have been for ages (even the 94.7!!)<br /><br />A lot of the time we focus too much on the right bike, the right clothes, the right supplements and forget that the best way to get fit is to ride!
Sounds good, where can I get some. I've heard about this stuff but it does have some contra indications. It is known to react badly to festive season partying and has been known to cause major injuries if mixed with BMW and Taxi drivers. <br /><br />Another good training supplement is DIRT... good for when TAR becomes a little tasteless from overuse. A good mix is suggested...
Unfortunatly, sources of TAR in the UK are not pure, often cut with GRASS and/or GLASS. Many riders have taken to foreign trips to get pure sources of TAR at this time of year; they often claim that the effectivness of TAR is increased by SUN and reduced by RAIN/SNOW.
Ah yes but we do have one thing here in the UK, in very pure form - to the envy those in lands of SUN.......... MUD. And many many different forms too, CACK, SLUDGE, GLOOP even DECEPTIVELY DEEP MUDDY PUDDLE..... There's MUD here to suit every taste! And its particularly good for resistance training, it turns your feather weight cross country speed machine, into an uncontrollable sloth. So you keep your DIRT, TAR and SUN.... I'll be British, mad about MUD
Ah yes, but isn't MUD also difficult to find in its pure form, being cut with COW DUNG? Give me MUD over TAR too!

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