Seeking advice on bike sizing.

Vishal Pallikonda

New Member
Oct 31, 2019
I'm 6'1" with a 36 inseam and I am thinking of taking an 19.5" L size hybrid bike because that's a vastly available frame size for my height. I've done huge research and checked various forums and online size calculator sites and according to the charts they provide, they all seem to follow a standard relation between overall height and inseam length. And I understood that my body proportions are off those standards. According to that standard if taken the overall height, the 19.5 inch frame should fit me. But when I take the inseam, things get strange. According to the inseam length suggested size I need to go for a 21" frame at least, because my inseam length falls in range of a 6'3 or 6;4" person. Now this is really confusing and it would really help if someone clears me of this. Unfortunately I'm far away from any major city to test the bike physically in a shop and I'm buying online. So please help me if i should go for a 21" XL size, if so will it be too big? Or I can fit the 19.5" frame with some major adjustments which seem unavoidable considering my abnormally long inseam for my height? Thanks in advance.
You can buy seat posts up to 400 mm length these days, so a frame that’s seemingly too low is a rather minor issue. Length of frame is more important and has a greater influence on how you fit the bike.
What calculators have you used? Those who’ll let you input measurements of separate body parts are far more reliable than those only using your height. There’s one at
a XL or maybe a XXL (depending on how the manufacture defines it) frame should be the right one for a hybrid, or a 19 to 20 inch frame is in that XL or XXL category. Try both the 19 and the 20 and see which one you like best
Hey! If you're looking for a bike size recommendation, I'd say XL might be the way to go. It really depends on your height and inseam measurements. It's always best to try out different sizes and see which one feels more comfortable. Let me know if you need any more help! :)
The relation between height and inseam is just a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. At 6'1" with a 36" inseam, you're right that an 19.5" L frame is a common size for your height. However, don't ignore how the bike feels when you test ride it. Pay attention to your knee alignment with the pedal at the bottom of the stroke, and make sure you have enough standover clearance. And remember, a proper bike fit can make all the difference in comfort and performance. Don't be afraid to seek professional help to ensure the best fit for your unique proportions. ;)