Seeking Advice On Cycling In Prince Edward Island


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Sep 22, 2015
I'm seeking advice on a possible bike tour more or less tracing the perimeter of eastern PEI. Did the western portion 20 yrs ago and have long contemplated the remainder. I've been unable to find much help with routing. I've tentatively cobbled together this route from several bike touring books from the early 1990s:

--Charlottetown to Tracadie, Mount Stewart, Morrel, St. Peter's Bay
--Route around the Eastern Cape via North Lake/East Point, Souris
--South along Rt. 4 to Montague
--Wind along coastal routes 17/4 to Panmure, Murray River, Murray Harbor, Woods Island
--Return along Transcontinental Highway to Charlottetown.

--Comments on proposed route and alternatives? (NOT interested in Confederation Trail, which just about everyone seems to recommend. I prefer routes through communities vs off-road.
---Which direction would you suggest (re prevailing winds) - clockwise or counterclockwise.?
-- Likely winds/weather in mid-June?

----How desirable is my planned trip generally? Are there tons of mosquitos/black flies, dogs, etc?

---Do you know of any route guide. I am going to get the official Kings Byway route, beyond that I am using old Elliot Katz and Walter Sienko guidebooks.?

Much appreciated