Seeking: New home base west of Denver, CO


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Jan 6, 2023
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dear Colorado roadies (and former Colorado roadies...)

I'm currently contemplating a move to Colorado, and I'm looking for recommendations for a new home town that ticks a few boxes. Hoping for some good feedback here:

• West of Denver
• Despite the growing threat of wildfires, am seeking a location deemed lower risk. Check out this tool.
• Have been using RideWithGPS Premium's HeatMaps feature to look at towns with easy and oft-frequented access to extended climbs
• Also using Yelp, GoogleMaps to locate bike shops in and around towns
• Towns like Nederland, Winter Park, Empire seem... maybe? to fit the bill?

The hope is to be able to ride from the back door to the foot of a selection of extended climbs within 10 miles or so. Would love to be a part of an active cycling community.

I'm planning on assembling a short list, and then doing a recon this June (bike in tow!)

Thanks for the comments, in advance.
Props to you for considering a move to Colorado! It's an epic spot for outdoor enthusiasts, especially cyclists like us. I've got some insights that might help you out on your quest for the perfect hometown.
I've been cruising around Colorado for a while now, and let me tell ya, places like Nederland, Winter Park, and Empire definitely have that laid-back vibe you might be after.Now, when it comes to scoping out the cycling scene, I've been using RideWithGPS Premium's HeatMaps feature religiously.But moving to a new place is a big deal. That's why I'm all about doing recon missions, especially with the bike in tow. There's nothing like getting a feel for a town's cycling vibe firsthand.Oh, and speaking of vibes, if you're still on the lookout for property, Beach Residences Dubai Palm caught my eye recently.