Seeking: New home base west of Denver, CO


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Jan 6, 2023
Cincinnati, Ohio
Dear Colorado roadies (and former Colorado roadies...)

I'm currently contemplating a move to Colorado, and I'm looking for recommendations for a new home town that ticks a few boxes. Hoping for some good feedback here:

• West of Denver
• Despite the growing threat of wildfires, am seeking a location deemed lower risk. Check out this tool.
• Have been using RideWithGPS Premium's HeatMaps feature to look at towns with easy and oft-frequented access to extended climbs
• Also using Yelp, GoogleMaps to locate bike shops in and around towns
• Towns like Nederland, Winter Park, Empire seem... maybe? to fit the bill?

The hope is to be able to ride from the back door to the foot of a selection of extended climbs within 10 miles or so. Would love to be a part of an active cycling community.

I'm planning on assembling a short list, and then doing a recon this June (bike in tow!)

Thanks for the comments, in advance.