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    May 1, 2003
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    In case anyone sees any of this for sale (from STW)


    Between Fri night at 11pm and Sat morning 6am, two or more variants of lowlife scum smashed their way through the exterior wall into our workshop, smashed the workshop bench and tool board out of the way and carried out a robbery. Amongst things taken are the following:

    2006 Mythic Chaparral bike with "Ultimate 150 build kit"

    This was the ONLY ONE of its type so far as Mythic is a brand specific to the UK and the bike was due to be tested by magazines and websites etc.

    Pics of the bike are here:

    Also taken was a 2005 Devinci 8-Flat-8 complete bike:

    Many parts were also taken including Chris King headsets, Chris King hubs, Thomson Elite stems, Dmr V12 pedals, Dmr Chieftain cranks, Fox Gloves, a Dakine Apex pack (used to put the swag in) and at least £300 cash from the till.

    Although the insurance should hopefully cover most that was taken, the shop was completely trashed, customers bikes were damaged as the scumbags threw stock bikes on top of them to get to the bikes they wanted, expensive frames were damaged, the workshop tools were strewn everywhere and shop cabinets were damaged etc.

    Although it is unlikely any of the stolen items will be seen again the Mythic is very unique being the only one made.

    Will anybody who sees it, thinks they see it or perhaps hears something or sees something online please consider this and give me a call on 01372 476969. I'm sure some kind of reward can be made available to anybody who provides something of use.

    Please bare in mind this is a repeat occurance now as this is the 3rd time we have been broken into here at Esher so the scumbags aren't just affecting us, the Esher Shore trails may also be affected if we cannot simply run a business without this kind of occurance happening.

    Thanks, keep it safe...


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    Bryan came up with the following;:
    > In case anyone sees any of this for sale (from STW)

    > Pics of the bike are here:

    ooooh, now that's nice with a capital N.

    I hope they get it and the rest of the stuff back ... not to mention getting
    the scrotes who did it.

    Paul ...
    (8(|) Homer Rules ..... Doh !!!
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    This is sickening.

    I hope this is the final time.

    I hope just is done.