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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Doug Goncz, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. Doug Goncz

    Doug Goncz Guest

    Hello, all. I haven't been by here in a while. I wrote earlier about my Peugot frame ultracapactior
    electric mountain bike.

    The ultracapacitor bike has two modes. It is in Lighting/Diagnostic mode now. The drive chain runs
    from a tandem crank on the left side to the motor in the center of the diamond frame. So when you
    pedal reasonably you have light, and since electricity can be stored, you can have light from the
    moment you pedal through your entire ride. I generated 15-20 V open circuit consistently for the
    last three or four miles of today's trip. (During the day).

    Since the motor can be a motor as well as a generator, I asked Bikes @ Vienna if they had a tandem
    kickstand in stock and went out there. They helped me install it and make sure it cleared the
    standard crank left and the tandem crank right. I rode off to take the W&O.D. Trail home. I'd been
    having some trouble shifting. It wasn't disabling or causing damage.

    Half way home, having charged the ultracapacitor by pedaling, I pulled over, plopped down the
    kickstand, pressed down the stem to lift the rear wheel, and engaged the motor. Wow. It was so
    easy to work the gears and make observations standing next to the bike. A few tension adjustments,
    one half turn of the rear high limit screw and all was well again. The motor provided a constant
    level of power that seemed just right for the job whatever the gear and whatever the speed of the
    rear wheel.

    When I add the new fork, rack, and baskets to the bike, and buy more capacitors, I'll move them
    forward so it will balance with the front wheel down all by itself.

    I didn't tweak my front drive too much. I have to get a Dimension stoker's triple from
    Performance locally, to match the stoker's double left. Why a stoker would need a double I don't
    know. I'm putting 52 / 38 / 24 on the triple and looking around for an ATX to make it shift
    right. I'll have to avoid crossing the drive either way. That would exceed the capacity of any
    rear derailer I know of.

    So, I'm off to Shimano to read ATX then find a store with one locally.

    Future electric bicycles building on the monumental volume of off the shelf existing bicycle
    transmission technology should incorporate this diagnostic mode. More time in the saddle, lower
    final cost to consumer.


    Doug Goncz (at aol dot com) Replikon Research, Seven Corners, VA

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    [email protected] ( Doug Goncz ) wrote in message
    news:<[email protected]>...
    > Hello, all. I haven't been by here in a while. I wrote earlier about my Peugot frame
    > ultracapactior electric mountain bike.

    Congradulations ...

    You have invented the electric Moped. Don't let your friends see you ....

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