Selle Italia SLR Saddles...



Has anyone got one of these saddles, I'm a light weight racing cyclist and thinking about making the move to an SLR standard or carbon. Any thoughts?

The SLR is a fine saddle from what I have heard. I'm getting myself the Flite TransAm Titanium, although Selle have just released the Flite Gelflow (same as the TransAm but just with gel).

Have you looked at the FLUID saddle yet?
Check it out here
I switched to SLR a couple of months ago after using Flites and Flite Genuine Gel for 10 years. I find SLR more comfortable and have ridden for up to 4 hours on it. It does not suit everyone, but if you are right shape you get a very comfortable and lightweight saddle.
Thanks for the advice...

I'm off down the shops with my some cash!