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    Just musing about unicycles this morning whilst driving (sorry ) . For no
    rparticular reason I can think of the name Sem Abrahams (Abrams?) flashed
    through my mind. and I wondered: is that his real name? SEM?
    I understand he makes unicycles and wondered whether SEMcycle was short
    for Semi-cycle: or half a bike?

    Of course at 7.00AM in the morning I only have half a brain to go with my
    half a bike, and so my ramblings are probably no more that that.


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    His name is spelled SEM. I think it's actually his middle name, and he
    is named after his father, Carlho Sem Abrahams. He was born in Suriname,
    South America, where for all I know Sem is a real common name. In
    unicycling, it works out as one of those names where you don't really
    need a last name.

    Except people often get it wrong because they assume it must be
    something else. This happens a lot with Foss as well. If people don't
    see it written down, there's no telling how they might repeat it back:
    Fost, Frost, Fosse, Floss, Forcht, Foose to name a few...

    Anyway, in 1986 or 87 Sem married Teresa Hemminger of Redford, MI. She
    is now Teresa Abrahams, and they perform together as Teresa and Sem, or
    Semcycle. Teresa was the first-ever world champion of artistic
    unicycling for women (1984). Sem came in second. In their performances
    together, they could have easily won the Pairs Freestyle competition at
    many subsequent championships, but did it in the public show instead of

    In January of this year, Sem rode the world's tallest unicycle, over
    115' tall! This is probably the tallest unicycle that will ever be
    ridden indoors. Challenging this record at all will be a major technical
    and financial undertaking!

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    On Mon, 10 May 2004 23:57:34 +0100, "Naomi" wrote:

    > is that his real name? SEM?

    It is. I don't know what it derives from but I seem to remember that
    Noah's three sons were named Sem, Cham and Jafeth.

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    johnfoss wrote:
    > Teresa was the first-ever world champion of artistic
    > unicycling for women (1984). Sem came in second.

    In the Women's world championship? That's pretty impressive.

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