Semi-Homemade and Semi-Literate

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by barry in indy, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Did I hear eight "f'ntastics" in the first 15 minutes? This was
    the same show where we were going to make "a ice cream cake",
    were told to use "virgin olive oil", and the real gem, "this is
    Reggiano, but you can also use Parmesan."

    Why do I watch this show? Can't be the boobs; I'm a leg man.
    Can't be the scrumptious meals. Maybe its the tablescapes:

    Look what I did! Just wrap toilet paper around your napkin, and
    vwala! - a napkin ring. For a cute drink stirrer/cooler, use a
    frozen tampon with a cute ribbon tied around it. And don't forget
    the [enter-your-favorite-here]-tinis! (I can put six ice cubes in
    my mouth at one time, and still have room for the spatula!)

    barry in indy

  2. Maybe it is the boobs. They are, after all, likely to be
  3. [email protected] writes:

    >Maybe it is the boobs. They are, after all, likely to be

    Not only that, but she sometimes fails to store her boobs in a proper
    container. I swear, if I see her bra-less one more time, I will not
    watch the show even to laugh at her mistakes.