semi-ProTour pick contest: 2nd notice & PN info

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  1. Paris-Nice info:

    results mailing list:
    <mailto:majordomoatdjconneldotcom> (send "subscribe mp3list")

    entry submission (see below):

    for the third year in a row, I'm running a pick-'em contest for
    the ProTour this year. Or part of it.... The contest involves
    picking the top 3 for races in the series, then I assign scores
    based on how your picks score Pro-Tour points in the race
    (place for 1-day, GC for stage races).

    Last year's results:

    Despite my best attempts, I still have been unable to find a
    detailed (ie with race rankings) ProTour schedule, so am forced to come
    up with my own. Therefore, the 2006 MP3 contest schedule will be,
    with the "class" of the race preliminary:

    code race class date
    PN, Paris-Nice, C, 05Mar2005
    MSR, Milan-Sanremo, C, 18Mar2005
    RVV, Flanders, C, 02Apr2005
    GW, Gent-Wevelgem, D, 05Apr2005
    PR, Paris-Roubaix, C, 09Apr2005
    GW, Fleche-Wallone, D, 19Apr2005
    LBL, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, C, 23Apr2005
    TDR, Tour de Romandie, C, 25Apr2005
    GDI, Tour of Italy, B, 06May2005
    CAT, Tour of Catalunya, C, 15May2005
    DL, Dauphine Libere, C, 04Jun2005
    TDS, Tour de Suisse, C, 10Jun2005
    TDF, Tour de France, A, 01Jul2005
    GER, Tour of Germany, C, 01Aug2005
    VAE, Tour of Spain, B, 26Aug2005
    ZUR, Zurich, D, 01Oct2005
    PT, Paris-Tours, D, 08Oct2005
    LOM, Lombardi, C, 14Oct2005

    Scoring will be of the top 3 picks. To enter, send an email
    to <> with your picks for Paris-Nice.

    ************* IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ****************
    to facilitate data mining from my email file, please format
    picks as follows:

    code rank rider

    For example, if I was picking the Tour of California, with code
    "TOC", I might enter:
    TOC 1 Floyd Landis
    TOC 2 Dave Zabriskie
    TOC 3 George Hincapie

    where Floyd Landis was my first pick, Zabriskie my second choice,
    and George my third selection.

    I really need the code so I don't get confused by email headers, etc...
    and please spell names correctly ( is a good
    resource for names, as is ).

    The code for Paris-Tours is "PT".

    Scoring will be three times the first pick times the number of ProTour
    points he earns for the 1-day race or the stage race GC. For the
    pick, it's twice the points. For third, it's just the points. Points
    are doubled for nailing the Trifecta.

    For ranking, after N races, your top N/2 (rounded up) scores will
    be considered. This reduces the penalty for missing races, and
    encourages risk-taking.

    There will be a special "dark horse" GC this year, with 3-2-1 points
    awarded each race for the top three dark-horse picks, evaluated
    objectively based on rider results, popularity in selection, and
    how non-obvious and non-trendy the pick seems to me.

    Picks need to be in my 9am eastern time/8am central/6am Pacific,