Sending/shipping a bike to the UK


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Aug 14, 2005
I am thinking of buying a new bike in the next few weeks - however I am moving to the UK in early October so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with shipping a bike there?? I cannot take it on the plane with me as baggage as I will be travelling for a month on the way over so won't be able to carry my bike round with me.

Just a couple of questions:

* Does anyone know the approximate price to ship a road bike??
* Do I have to pay duty or tax??
* What company/s should I be looking at to get a quote??
* Is it worth it or should I just wait till I get there to buy a new bike??

Any help would be much appreciated.....
Why don't you buy a used one here, sell it before you go, and then buy another one over there?

Bikes tend to be a bit cheaper in the UK than they are here.

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