Serial Killer Profits From Blair's Stupidity

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    I don't know how many people are aware of this serial killer situation over here but it appears street girls are being targeted by an unknown killer in their mids't. 2 people have been arrested to far but, as yet, no-one knows if the killer is still at large.
    Actually, I'm not the first individual to partly blame Blair and Police attitudes with regard to this current crisis and let me explain why:
    These women who work on the street fall into 2 main categories: In most cases they're vulnerable women (often from broken families) who came to depend on drugs. In other cases, they come from Middle Class homes but, at some point, also developed an addiction to drugs which led them into vice.
    The Government's policy for years has been to send police out onto the streets to arrest the women and then charge them with penalties and fines (using the system as a kind of tax). Such a situation then pushes the same women back onto the streets where they try to work to clear off the debt as well as continue to feed their drug dependency.
    It's a vicious circle and the State is doing nothing to deal with the problem.
    To make matters worse, the dodgy legal position with regard to this trade pushes women into obscure locations where they work under pressure and, thereby, don't take sufficient precautions when getting into the vehicles of total strangers.
    Therefore, violence against these women is commonplace.
    Surely, the Government is again at fault? For a start, the main cause of this problem is drugs and secondly family breakdown which drives more vulnerable people towards drugs.
    To my mind the solution should involve protection of these women as an absolute priority and a major offensive against street drugs (especially) heroin. As in countries such as Holland and Germany, prostitution should be regulated and legalised in zones of tolerance simply in order to take women off the street where they face far too much danger.
    There should be an end to fines imposed on prostitutes (especially given the case some of their clients are police and judges anyway). Otherwise, it's hypocrisy and I think it's really up to social service workers to run programs that persuade women to leave their trade.
    At any rate, for the first time in decades, there has been a public awareness that these women who've been murdered were, at some point, somebody's daughter who attended a regular school or had a regular boyfriend. One distraught father spoke out on national TV about his daughter's fall once she got hooked on drugs. What the family photos depicted was a perfectly normal girl from a normal family. That's what has shocked a lot of people.
    One football team held a minute's silence for the victims. The Daily Mirror (of all tabloids) as well as The Mail, criticized Blair again. Both papers pointed out he's already been warned about the dangers for women on the street yet failed to act.