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  1. There is a show coming on April 8th at 11am, PDT, on Food Network TV,
    so check your local schudule to see when it's on in your area. Tape
    this show. It is Sandra Lee, at her finest, or funniest. I go for

    It is truely one of the most amazing shows you will ever see on FNTV.
    You have to see it to believe it, and, even after you've seen it, you
    will still wonder over and over, how such an idiot has a show. Not only
    has a show, but, somehow they have extended her contract for a
    mind-boggling 39 more shows, or, some such. Heaven help us all!! It
    makes me mad that I'm happily watching FNTV, and, then this hapless
    person comes on, and, I have to find something else to watch for a 1/2

    Yet, this April 8th show is probably infamous: Sandra makes a bunny
    rabbit cake, and, you will be astounded, you will be surprised, you
    will be shaking your head in amazement that they actually put this show
    on the air. It rivals the Kwanza cake she made whereby she used corn
    nuts to decorate it. The 'bunny cake' is just so awful; you have to see
    it, to believe it!!

    Tape it, you won't want to miss it, and, you will want to watch it
    again and again, just to make sure she actually did that.

    It may be, and, probably will be on, at other times, closer to Easter,
    but, Zap2it seems to be having a problem and, I can't get further days
    in April, beyone that particular week. So, be alert, if this show comes
    to your TV, tape it, have a good laugh!! Nothing like watching a person
    make a 'bunny cake' that is ugly, and, looks like a rat!!!

    It is truely one of the funniest things you will ever see, for what is
    supposed to be a semi-serious show about how to cook stuff. It is
    worthy of, and, probably belongs on, the Comedy Channel. It would get
    great ratings.