Setting up Jand Moutaineering Panniers


John L. Lucci

I've had these Mountian Panners for some time now but I've never used them
as they came with all the hooks in a unmounted state and I wasn't sure how
to set them up. I noticed there are 4 sets of holes per side on each
Pannier. What is the difference? Should I set the hooks on the widest
settings? I'm not even sure if I do set them up if I'll even use them for
as "Big" as the were advertised as in Performance's catalog they seemed to
have been run through the washing machine with extra starch. They are much
smaller than I had bargained for as I had bought them with the intention of
cycle communting. However, I'd be lucky to get a single shoe inside each let
alone a change of clothes, plus anything else I might need to haul.


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