Seven Odonata, Serotta Legend Ti, Calfee, Moots Suspension? HELP PLEASE!


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May 30, 2003
Hi Everyone,

I'm a long time aluminum rider (currently Klein Quantum w/Ultegra set up) who is thinking hard about making the jump to either Ti, Carbon, or a mix, and in custom form. Primary reason: comfort (back pain, hand numbness), fit, ride quality (silky smooth please).

I'm mostly a recreational rider who can be coaxed into a tri every now and then. Most rides are between 20 and 60 miles with my base loop being around 35 and an occassional century. Average speed around 15-16 on my base ride. I'm generally more of a spinner than a masher, though I like to drop the hammer sometimes and really fly (especially downhill ;)). I'm 5'11, 185 if that matters in the consideration.

I'm very new to the various advanced materials, pros and cons of each, why/when to mix them (if ever), etc. I'd really appreciate any thoughts you guys have on the following makes/models, and why I might prefer one to the other (cost aside):

-Seven Odonata (the Ti/Carbon mix)
-Seven Axion (Ti)
-Serotta Legend Ti
-Serotto Ottrott (Ti/Carbon mix)
-Calfee (carbon)
-Moots (Ti suspension)

Please don't flame me for being one of those guys with $5k burning a hole in their pocket. I know I'm in a fortunate situation, and I'd appreciate constructive thoughts.

Best and thanks in advance,

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