SF Bay Area NBG Mayors' Ride and Party in Santa Cruz

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    Join the National Bicycle Greenway 2003 Mayors' Ride and end of ride party. Jim Muellner has been
    cycling from Washington DC to Santa Cruz, promoting a network of bike paths connecting coast to
    coast. For each leg of his travels he has been joined by local cyclists and have been meeting with
    city mayors and getting them to sign a proclamation claiming that day to be National Bicycle
    Greenway Day.

    This is his Bay Area schedule. Berkeley City Hall 8/5 TODAY noon Oakland City Hall 8/8 Friday noon
    San Francisco City Hall 8/11 Monday noon Palo Alto City Hall 8/13 Wed noon San Jose City Hall 8/14
    Thurs noon Santa Cruz City Hall 8/15 Fri noon Santa Cruz Party 8/17 Sun all day

    NBG is the brainchild of Martin Krieg of Santa Cruz. For more info contact Max Chen at 415-412-5230
    or [email protected]

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.