SF Bay Trail Comes to Rescue, NBG Skot & Jim battle heat

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  1. - Just heard from the San Francisco Bay Trail http://www.baytrail.org people this morning and they
    want to help get our riders thru the Bay Area!! With their help, I am excited that our riders will
    likely have an efficacious and enjoyable bike ride from Berkeley to San Jose this year. With about
    half of its 540 total miles completed, the trail does have gaps but most can be filled by riding
    on city streets. And the Bay Trail people tell me they can help us with routing in these areas. In
    the few trouble spots that still exist, where the roads around the gaps are heavily traveled and
    require some dangerous freeway crossings, I have suggested a police escort for our riders as a way
    to call attention to this important pathway. If you want to learn more about this amazing greenway
    the SF Chronicle is running a 7-part series that can be found at : http://www.sfgate.com/baytrail

    - In other news, finally equipped with all the tools we needed, the proclamations, some pix and
    reports, we were able to get Steamboat Springs National Bicycle Greenway Day on line. Do get a
    look. http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/Steamboat2003

    - With regard to our Mayors' Ride as it continues down from Eugene to Arcata, THX to an NBG fan
    named Bill, whose last name Skot has not told us, Skot was able to get a car boost to make up for
    the lost day his late train had caused him. Add in a mix of Advil and it looks like Skot came up
    with the right combination to keep him on schedule for his 12 noon Arcata meeting tomorrow! And
    yet there again, Arcata Mayor, Bob Ornelas, hopes he doesn't get too close because he has been
    looking forward to riding him into town from a worthy bike distance away. Well known for his
    Pocket Mail poetry last year, poor Skot has had all he can do to keep the wheels turning but we
    did get this:


    Bill to the rescue. He will give me a boost to Brookings. My hope is to spend the night near
    Trinadad. My legs are fried... Tomorrow is a new me.

    I just saw a man punch another right below the eye. There is an edge to port city
    Charleston. Weee.....

    The road from Charleston is named Seven Devils, but to all you folks that went to work today it is a
    Hundred Angels. It's about 5 past sunrise and up you go...a doe...a smell from white reflecting
    flowers, cool is everywhere; even in me. The first days of touring are getting organized, feeling
    the flow, leaving the "World" (whirled) you behind. Today a bit of the old pedaler is back. That's
    odd considering last night at 2 me and my sweetie Advil were doing some serious dancing. Bill will
    meet me here and place me in an appropriate location. The Bikeway is becoming a great network.
    Concerning tonight..still too soon. Expect an update around 6.

    In a pedaling state of mind, Sk.

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    Yield and you can stay centered. -Lao Tzu

    And for those of you wondering about our Big Power senior citizen Jim Muellner who arrived in Reno
    far ahead of schedule, he's back as you will see in the words below. Besides rebuilding himself for
    the long distance road, Jim has also been in touch with Tim Healion of the world famous Deux Groz
    Nez http://deuxgrosnez.com there. Major well connected bikes wise, Tim hopes to have a worthy
    reception for Jim and the NBG tomorrow:

    Surprise, I'm back, bet you thought I got lost

    Hi Everyone: Well, things are starting off here in Reno just as I left them. Hotter than blazes, but
    friendly as ever.

    This morning as I did a 20 mile training ride I met David Brown, a Reno native, 65, retired and avid
    cyclist. There was no doubt when you saw his black bike. It had more black bags than you can
    imagine. He had a radio, really a small boom box, a cooler, that he could do his laundry in, a
    table, and chair, both very small. Everything was black so he could disappear at night when he wants
    to camp someplace and not get company. It is so effective he told me, that one night he walked away
    from his cycle and lost it for almost an hour.

    The other thing I want to comment on is drivers stopping for people in the walkways. A person could
    get used to that. In my home town I will have to watch out as there the drivers seem to aim for you
    to scare you off the street. Here, it is like two worlds, the gambling section and the rest of
    Reno. It has a lot going for it. I was impressed with the music all during the month of July at the
    river park.

    It is amazing how quickly one can get out of shape. So I am off for another practice ride. Jim

    Local access to PocketMail mobile e-mail now available in Europe, North America & Australia

    Skot Paschal http://www.skot.web-page.net Skot can be reached on the road at: [email protected]

    67 year old, trike riding Jim Muellner can be found at
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/JimMuellner His email on the road is:
    [email protected]

    If you want to start from the beginning and/or follow Jim our other NBG relay riders as they move
    forward in the National Mayors' Ride at
    <http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/schedule.php>, point to their blog at
    <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/reports.php>. All of this excitement will
    al be consummated at the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike FestĀ  on Sunday August 17 c/:eek:

    btw: If you want to become a rider, we still welcome you!! Go to
    <http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/getstarted.php>, to find out how!! btw2: We
    have pictures from the various ride legs on line at
    http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/gallery/2003Mayors btw3: If you want to see who these
    cyclists are, go to <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/bios>

    MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO

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