SF Mayor Willie Brown to Receive Man on Tricycle

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  1. DATE: August 7, 2003


    CONTACT: Martin Krieg - Phone: 831-426-8830, mailto:[email protected], Cell 831-252-8830

    Who: San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Who: San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly Who: 67 year old
    Smarte Carte inventor, Jim Muellner http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/JimMuellner

    WHAT: Mayor Willie Brown and Car Free San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly welcome Corporate
    Executive, Jim Muellner, who left the successful leading edge company he founded so that he could
    build tricycles like the one he rode here from Washington, DC. Along the way Jim has participated in
    National Bicycle Greenway Day receptions, often with Mayors, in 25 other US cities. He will be
    joined by Parkinson's survivor/cyclist Jim Wetherell and "Awake Again" author and Santa Cruz
    National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) director, Martin Krieg, as they ready for the 8/17 Santa Cruz NBG
    Bike Fest at San Lorenzo Park on Sunday August 17:

    WHEN: 12 Noon - Monday, August 11, 2003

    WHERE: Noon at San Francisco City Hall steps

    WHY: To take part in Mayor Brown's Proclamation Ceremony proclaiming this date as "National Bicycle
    Greenway Day in the City of San Francisco." The NBG is a non-profit organization dedicated to
    promoting the establishment of a nationwide network of interconnected bike-friendly roads and
    bicycle pathways that will connect cyclists to major cities throughout the US. This event will also
    announce the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest which besides being the only US appearance by
    celebrated jazz drummer Prince Lawsha, will also feature presentations about the Rail Trail to
    Watsonville by lawmakers Sam Farr , John Laird, Mardi Wormhoudt and Dennis Norton.

    MORE INFO: http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com

    MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru
    clinical death and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.