Share your Cda


New Member
Apr 16, 2013
High I was hoping that if anybody has a value for their Cda and if they would like to share it along with tire model(to reference crr).

I have recently constructed a Virtual Instrument using the programming software Lab View that models bike riding.

I would like to take any willing participants Cda and Crr and see if I can predict their steady state velocity on a flat course.

I can also simulate rolling courses in the form of a sinewave that has parameters of amplitude, and distance from peak to peak for the "hills".

If I do get any Cda values please give me a wattage that you have data for on a flat course. I'll report back with my prediction on your steady state velocity and you can verify how close I was. Data from powertaps would be most useful because they don't include the drive train losses.

appreciate any help