shifing problems between sachs ergo shfiters and shimano derailer.

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Steve Knight

My rear derailleur on this bike has had problems not skipping cogs. The bike is used and the cable
housing was about shot. It seemed like it would stay adjusted for only a few minutes. I had all the
cables and housing replaced as it was getting worn and the brakes would not release well. Well after
the replacement now the gears skip in the middle of the cluster. On my racing bike I have sachs ergo
shifters/brakes and a shimano 600 (I think) derailleur the fellow who I got the bike from thought a
campy derailleur would work. I got a good deal on a chorus used derailleur (I forgot the cassette is
a 8 speed) and the derailleur was a 7/8 speed. Well it was even worse. We are thinking I need a
sachs derailleur or new spacers on the cluster? Any idea’s?

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Not open for further replies.