Shimano 105 with FSA SLK crank or Ultegra?

Mb Quart

New Member
Oct 19, 2014
Hey Guys! This is my dilemma. My LBS is unloading there 2014 bikes to make room for the 2015's. My guy i deal directly has given me these options. Both bikes are identical except for the groupset.I can go 105 with an FSA SLK compact crank,or full ULTEGRA. Price difference is 488.58. Any and all input is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks!
Ultegra is probably the best price point vs. performance/durability groups going. Is it worth $500 more for the fully matched and higher quality group? To me it would be, plus the SLK has always looked odd with shimaNO to me even though that cost-cutting combination is commonplace.

You could toss the $500 at a wheel upgrade, also. But, I would get the better chassis/running gear combo first and do the wheel upgrade this winter when the online guys are offloading last year's stuff.
Thanks! If. I do 105, i can apply the 488.00 give em 132.00 more and walk out with a brand new set of 2013 HED ARDENNES FR! That to me is just way to good to pass up! At my age,53, the wide wheel technology is a no brainer for me. To walk out with above mentioned gear on a Cannondale Evo for 1577.47 is REAL HARD TO PASS UP!