Shimano 6800 vs 9000 group - any weight comparison link please ?


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Mar 2, 2013
Hi all,
Checking for a friend who's getting a new bike what are the differences between the DA9000 (mechanical) and the Ultegra

Weight, stiffness and price.

will be happy to get a link to a comparison

Weight difference and stiffness will be marginal. Bearings and shifting will be better on the DA9000. The price difference is astronomical! Ultegra about $1250 and DA about $2700.

A lot of non Pro tour riders use Ultegra with great success. Or buy old technology. I just picked up a full 2013 SRAM Red 10 groupset for under $1,000. Never used and a take off from a new bike. I can use the extra $1700 for a new wheelset, saddle and carbon bars!
BTW here are the weights:

Ultegra 6800 (with net gain or loss) Rear Derailleur: 195 (+6) Front Derailleur: 89 Shift Levers: 425 (-22) Brakes: 335 (+18) Crankset/Bottom Bracket: 765 (-26) Cassette: 212 (+3) Chain: 253 (-14) Total: 2274 grams (-35)

Dura Ace 9000