Shimano 7800 Wheels


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Nov 19, 2003
Has any body had a chance to ride or give any feedback on the new 7800 wheel set by Shimano. I am in need of new wheels and this happens to be one I can get a deal on. I could also go with Mavic but more money.
I have a set on the way...included with my new Cervelo Soloist and Dura Ace 9 speed that I ordered today. I can't wait. I'll post a review of the bike and wheels when I get it and have done a few rides.
Here's the content from this thread...

The Gold/Black Giant they are attached to is pictured above in the same thread. Further research indicates they are slightly heavier than some other choices. To me, that's not a big issue.

Well, I haven't done my 'acid test' yet. A fast, technical descent. That's where I usually wish I just had a clunky old 32 spoke Open Pro. Those things just go anywhere ya point 'em. No matter how bad a line you carve. .
All the high end wheelsets seems just a bit skittish to me by comparison. But that said, I have been jumping hard on these out of the saddle on flats and rollers. No lateral deflection at all that I can feel (150pd rider). Possibly slightly more stable than my Campy Neutrons.
Obviously plenty light, so great climbing wheels. I keep feeling an insatiable urge to bounce up and sprint to the crest of medium climbs where I'd usually pant like a dog, begging for mercy.
Not deep dish, so the wind isn't pushing them around much at all. Not to mention using regular tubes instead of the long valve. And I think I can do simple true's on these. It's always bugged me to have to take a wheel to the shop for a simple side to side. Even if the shop is nice enough to do it on the spot, it's a nuisance when you wanna be on the ride.