Shimano BB-5500



Can enyone tell me if their is a "warrenty" on shimano parts and how long. Monday morning the bike starts with a noise (squeking/grinding roughness when pushing the pedals). I felt the cranks and detact a bit of "play". So next step..Bicycle shop... They told me its needs to be replaced with a new one. The problem is in the INSIDE of the seeled unit. (R375 poorer) . Not much, but the idea. These things should have a longer life span. I've got 105 9speed groupset and bought this about June 2001. This is a sealed cartridge BB-5500, 68, BC1.37x24 & 109.5 from left to right.
I would think a year, like any other mechanical part. The problem is that bearings are 'consumables', meaning that manufactures usually only gaurantee them for three months after you remove them from the shop. After that, it's a wear-and-tear case.
Thanks Vo2. I checked my cycle computer odometer = Did 10 350 since new.
Better check all your wear-and-tear parts then before the Argus.