Shimano cleat recall

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  1. From BikeBiz:

    Friday 14th May 2004

    Shimano recalls cleats

    The bits of metal in question are SM-SH92 SPD-R cleats (Shimano part #
    Y43Y98030/#Y43Y98031), sold as after market products since 1999.
    Shimano has identified that the rear protrusion tab may become damaged, and
    may prevent the shoe from being released from the pedal. This could lead to
    a cyclist being unable to release the cleated shoe from the pedal, says a
    voluntary recall notice from Shimano.

    "There have been no reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this
    problem. However, as the product does not appear to meet Shimano's usual
    quality standards, and in an abundance of caution, Shimano has decided to
    conduct a voluntary recall of this product and offer its customers free
    replacement cleats, or a discount on the purchase of the new model pedal
    system for those customers for whom the alternative cleats are not
    convenient and those who prefer to use our most updated system (SPD-SL),"
    says the recall notice.

    "We would like to emphasise the fact that this recall is only for the
    optional SM-SH92 SPD-R cleats with a total float of 10 degrees. Standard
    SM-SH91 (6 degrees total float) and the after market product SM-SH90 fixed
    cleats are not affected by this recall."

    Shimano said consumers with the recalled cleats should "go to your local
    Shimano dealer without delay to receive replacement cleats free of charge or
    to receive a discount of 20 EUR in the purchase of a pair of SPD-SL pedals
    (PD-7800, PD-R600 or PD-R540). Please note that if you wish to choose the
    option of the discount, you will need to submit your claim before the end of
    July 2004. The free replacement cleats will continue to remain available
    after that time."

    PDF of identification and remedy:

    May contain traces of irony. Contents liable to settle after posting.

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