Shimano components

For USD$600? No thanks, I'll keep my Shimano cranks

Why not US$600, come to the dark side Altwegg. Italiano looks and works good. ;D

I have ridden with Shimano 105 but to be honest, after changing to Campy I have had only fun and games! If you really want to go Shimano, you can go 105 except for the changers (Campag = ErgoPower) and the rear derailleur which you go Ultegra. This ensures that the "hard working" parts will be of a better ""quality".
Every wonder why Campagnolo is often referred to as the "Dark Side"? :mad:

We will make a Shimanophile out of you! ;D
Altwegg, I think not. I will stay with the Dark Side. It's like cycling, once you're in the Dark Side, nothing can get you out.
It's a bit like choosing between a Toyota and a Ferrari ;D ;D

Wah ha hahaha

"Luke, I am your father . . ."

"Go get a haircut" ;D
hey look campy's bottom of the range is an absolute waste of time but shimano's bottom of the range is alot better than there 105 was in about 1998 or so.So shimano makes only good stuff so you can go wrong. 105 is an excellent groupy but to be honest it will give the average cyclist the same ride as sora or tiagra, why, well the average cyclist would ride enough km's a day to really bond with his/her bike so it would feel the same unless you doing over 400km a week dont throw you hard earned money away spend that money on a good frmae and then if you do start riding those km's a week you can upgrade and your frame will not have been wasted.and by the way, only if you are at peak fitness and body fat does the weight of the groupy make a big difference. youll probably ride with a saddle bag and even more spares in your pockets so weight is a joke really
Mmmm let me put the spanner in the works. I have ridden through the earlier stages of 105 - 600/Ultegra and finally into Dura-Ace about 10 years ago. I don't know about 105 now but I must say back in the early 90's it was no good. I wore bearings out on the wheels in about a year of riding. Hubs had to be replaced after that. Now Dura-Ace. I have the exact same parts on my Bike that were on back in 1993 when it was bought. Hubs and headset have never been maintained and still work very smoothly. The usual stuff such as the Chain, Cogs, Chainrings and Brakepads were the only things that needed replacing. It is however important to stick to the same range of parts. Mixing between ranges can wear out parts much quicker.

So yeah Dura-Ace will outlast your 105 groupset.

Campy make some sweet parts but they are damn expensive once you start going Carbon Fiber. One bad fall and that carbon-fiber gets very expensive to replace. Also looks terrible when it is scratched. My shoes are carbon fiber and the bottom of the sole looks terrible from the missed engagements with the peddles and standing around at races and rides.
Hello again from the Dark Side . . .

Me thinks I should change my Alias to Daft Vader ;D

I have a confession. I will have Shimano components on my bike. :eek: :eek:

I'm putting a FSA carbon crank on my bike and guess what? It's not compatible with the Campag BB and chain rings. So I'm putting the Octalink BB on and Shimano Cranks.

These cranks had better be worth it. :mad:
Hi all. Just thought that i would add my 2 bobs worth......... I have only owned bikes with Campag gear on them and while i do agree that the price is sometimes a little outrageous, generally (opinion) the changing has a better feel and i really like the feel of Campag brakes, while the durability of campag does seem superior, u do have to pay for it. I am not totally unqualified on this as i have many friends with all ranges of Shimano (Dura-ace - Sora). If there is a shimano model that i have liked it would be Dura-ace with it's precise and fast shifting, but Sora in my opinion is the "best of the rest" when it comes to shimano.