Shimano cranksets with Campag groupsets


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Jan 4, 2004
This year I switched from an FSA SLK cset to a shimano Ultegra SL compact on my new Addict. One of the reasons being is that the R4 is not compatible with Campag. Scott, as far as I am aware has not produced an adaptor. When asked about this. Scott simply said that I should have consulted the mechanic-s workbook manual. Guess that-s what you gotta do when buying a new frame. Also how do you know a problem exists until you know about it. Should we check in the future to see if a frame may not be compatilbe with certain calipers!!! Anyway, despite all the non compatibility problems, it has been a pleasure to use the Ultegra SL with my Campy group. So much so that on my six13 I stuck on a dura ace crankset with a 52 and put a 38 FSA inner ring. Both groups work great. The majority of my training group run Dura Ace with Record cranksets. They used to run FSA but for some reason in 2008 they all went to Record. Again, no problems, but why should there have been problems..simply cos Shimano and Camag said so to stop hybrid configurations. One interesting point I have noticed, and the same for a colleague, is that rear shifting is far snappier and faster on our aluminimum bikes.

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