SHIMANO DEORE 760 XT rear freehub Y-377 10000 ?



Disassembled a new Deore 760 XT rear hub to install a solid axle.
There was no sealing ring inboard of the left side cone: 12 Y-377
10000 left hand sealing ring
Is a sealing ring standard?
Are sealing rings available or is there a substitute like an o-ring or
washer 12- Y-377 10000 left hand sealing ring
The 760 replaced was damaged by vandalism related to the humor I wrote
on Greg Lemond.
After 4-5000 miles, HD commuting and touring with 40-60 pounds on the
rear rack, 200-220 with my weight, the 760 was like new: no axle
wiggle and but a shadow of wear on the cone race! Solid axle, Finish
Line grease.