Shimano Deore XT SLR Plus ST-M738 8x3 brake/shifter combo


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Dec 4, 2007
I need to replace my shifters but, due to their antiquity, I'm having trouble sourcing replacements. Can anyone point me to a reliable supplier of used or new parts. Failing that what would be the modern equivalent of this part?
Deore 3x8 has been out of production for around a decade, so if you can't turn up any NOS or good used levers, your local shop should be able to order Shimano EF65-2A combination lever. This is a simple brake/trigger shift combination pod that works with cantilever, linear pull, and mechanical brakes. Retail price should be around $56 for the pair, with brake and shift cables and housings.
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FYI. You can buy-and-use a 9-speed Shimano MTB shifter with your current Shimano rear derailleur if you attach the cable at the 9 o'clock position (consult your derailleur's tech sheet if necessary -- you will need to hook the derailleur cable under the bent portion of the "washer") to yield 8-speed Shimano indexing ...
  • I don't know what will happen with a 9-speed front shifter & your current front derailleur & an 8-speed chain ... You could always pony up for a 9-speed front derailleur & 9-speed chain if the subsequent front shifting becomes dodgy with the new, 9-speed shifter.