Shimano Flight Deck computer


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Mar 21, 2012
Hi all...newbie here.
I bought a used bike with Shimano 105 Flight Deck controls (9 speed). Does anyone know which harnesses and head units are compatible with these controls? I'm pretty sure the 6501 head unit is, but i don't know if the 6502 is, or which harness they require.

Thanks in advance,

FYI. Shimano Flight Deck harnesses are generally specifc to the shifter due to the shape of the module which is designed to nest inside the body of the shifter's handle.

  • the harness for the 9-speed Ultegra shifters should fit ... but, may not ...
  • there was an early, pre-module harness which had an otherwise naked printed circuit whose two contacts were lined up with two of the raised nubs on the right hood ... the odds of encountering one is slim, but if you do then be forewarned that there is a 99.99% probability that you do not want one unless you can locate one of the early 6500 hoods which has the two, side-by-side nubs

If you don't need the CADENCE or "cog indicator" features ([COLOR= #808080]and, possibly some others[/COLOR]), then you can use a "universal" Flight Deck harness which is actually designed for Shimano shifters which may not have a Flght Deck specific handle ...

  • I use Flight Decks with Campagnolo shifters because they are the cycling computers which I had when I opted to stop using Shimano shifters I never cared about the COG INDICATOR the Campagnolo ErgoBrain also has a Cog Indicator -- I have one, but it isn't currently mounted on a bike
[*] I wasn't heartbroken with the loss of the ([COLOR= #808080]virtual -- based on internal calculations which presumes YOU have input the correct data[/COLOR]) CADENCE feature
  • the Campagnolo ErgoBrain indicates actual cadence with a clumsy pickup sensor which s attached to a wire + additional magnet which is attached to the crankarm
[*] Flight Decks are made by Cateye
  • the Campagnolo ErgoBrain is made by Cateye, too

The overall functionality of a Flight Deck is good, but you can buy a non-integrated Cateye computer which is only lacking the CADENCE & COG INDICATOR for less ...

Some cycling computers have MORE functions, but cost more.