Shimano Flight Deck frequent STOPS!


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Sep 10, 2003
Quite frequently and randomly my flight deck 'Trip Time' STOPS!

The computer continues to record overall distance, it's just that, for NO apparent reason, it stops recording untill I notice it and then I have to cycle through the buttons to start it up. Needless to say it destroys my trip data.

I am absolutely positive I did not press any buttons.

Anybody else have problems with there computer stopping.
know what ur doing is pressing the S/S left buttom and it stop ur distance i have done that a few times on me old ShimaNO it's good for time trails because it stops the trip time aswell but a bugger when ur out training. i rember Flight deck has 2 modes one with like clock distance ect/ the other with cadence stop watch . so if u bump the S/S buttom in the wrong mode go to ur trip time and make sure the counter is going if not press S/S(yer when i got me flight deck me mates looked at it before i went training and i never new how far i went they pressed the button). i got a new bike since then i use Campagnolo Record now Ergo Brain realy good all u do is ride it and it will wok out how many teeth are in ur casset my ur cadence so if u get a flat in a race with a 11-23 and and change to a 13-26 it will work this out real quick. and it lights up at night.
Originally posted by king_matt87
know what ur doing is pressing the S/S left buttom and it stop ur distance

I am absolutely positive I am not pushing the S/S left button. I have been very conscious of that by keeping my hands away from the button and the computer will still stop at will.

I had the same problem and slipped a thickish o-ring of the correct size between the STi body and the rubber hood to protect the button form my hands. My problem is now solved. I noticed that when I climb on stand up in the saddle I clench the hoods and then possibly and inadvertedly press the Lhs button. I also swore by it that I did not press the button. As I said problem solved.

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