Shimano Flight Deck Sensor


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Oct 1, 2011
I recently bought a 2nd hand road bike to train on for MTB. It came with a Shimano Flight Deck SC-6502 but doesn't have the sensor. I am wondering if the computer will work with any sensor? or does it have to be specific Shimano. I have used different brand sensors before on other brand computers but this looks as though it will be different.
Missing the sending unit on the fork or the spoke magnet? Or both?
I believe it is a proprietary sensor. My wife's was a bit finicky to get set up, but once done it has worked fine. The sensor needs an uninstructed line of sight to the base unit and is sensitive to distance. Cadence is calculated from speed and chain position, as are many parameters, so thee speed sensor is necessary for anything more than timer/clock functions. I checked the docs for the kit to see if the sensor assembly had Shimano part numbers listed... unfortunately not.