Shimano front QR skewer recall

John M

New Member
Jun 21, 2005
I saw this on cyclingnews:

Shimano recalls front skewers

Shimano American Corporation has identified a "potential safety issue" regarding several models of front quick release skewers purchased or received after November 1, 2005. Affected product lines include certain Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 hubs and wheels, XTR and XT hubs and wheels, as well as certain Sport Dynamo front hubs. All of the skewers in question are silver in color; black skewers are safe to use, Shimano says.

Corrective action will vary depending on region, and the company's replacement plan has yet to be approved in the US by CPSC. Regardless, Shimano requests that the skewers be removed from service immediately to prevent any incidents but says there have been no reported accidents or injuries directly related to the defective skewers. Those riders impacted by the recall should consult their local bicycle shop or Shimano's web site for further action.

Shimano has issued the details below to help customers identify whether their skewers are affected. /JH

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