shimano nexus hub/rapidfire shifter?


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Nov 20, 2003
Can a nexus internally geared hub (preferably 7 or 8 speed) be used with rapidfire or other shimano derailleur compatible shifters?
If not, is there any danger in using a friction shifter? I don't know if there are really any "in between" positions that would cause premature wear.

I've got a Kona Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, aka Humu, with a Nexus 7-speed rear hub. I've had it 7 years. The bike has a friction or grip shift (which some call "gripe-shift"). It works well, but is a little hard on the inside edge of any gloves I wear. I've also seen a push-push shifter made by Shimano for this hub, and indeed have one, but I never mounted it since the grip-shift is integrated with the brake lever and it would have required replacing my brake lever in order to use the push-push.

You'll definitely know if the 7-speed gets out of adjustment, as one or more of the gears will skip. But it's very easy to adjust, via an adjuster at the cable end at the shifter. Just rotate the adjuster until the little red dots line up at the rear hub.

Overall, I've had little trouble with the Nexus until recently, when it began to skip. Not bad for 7 years. I picked up a used wheel with another Nexus 7-speed hub and have since been using it.