Shimano powermeter crank fit?


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Dec 26, 2018
Hello everyone,,
I came across a used Stages2 powermeter crank sold as a 105 (5800)
Is there any reason why it wouldn't fit/work on Ultegra 5750 or Dura-ace shafts? I thought that the Hollowtech II splines were pretty much standard.
I know this question seems too simple but they offer so many different models. What is the difference? Is it just styling or is there a more complicated answer?
ALL Hollowtech II spindles have an Outer Diameter of 24mm & can use the same BB cups.

Dura Ace crankarms usually have a very fancy-schmancy, anodized finish which tends to be fragile ...

Ultegra crankarms tend to be nicely polished ...

105 crankarms are cosmeticlly "plain" by comparison ... a "black" painted finish is an option in some cases.
The more expensive Shimano cranks generally weigh less ... and, may-or-may-not have alloy chainring bolts.

The chainrings on the more expensive Shimano cranks are BETTER than on the less expensive Shimano cranks.

I do NOT know if the spline on the non-driveside of the spindle varies from crank model to crank model OR if there is a difference in the spline pattern between generations of Hollowtech II cranks.