Shimano R320 shoe - rubber bits come off


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Mar 2, 2013
Hello All,

Rubber bits at the below Shimano R320 shoe come off although the shoes are in great shape.
I tried to glue other rubbers (those black straps used in attaching clamps to bike bars/post) but None of the glue types worked. (epoxy, Super7..) nothing holds.

If anybody has an idea how to attach any sort of replacement to these purely designed beats, I will be Happy to hear!

enclosed is a photo of the shoe. the hill beats were attached to sort of black-plastic that covers the carbon sole on the back.


Another endorsement for Shoe Goo here. My Shimano shoes had heel bits riveted on. After several years use, they wore down enough to fall off the rivets. I used Shoe Goo to glue on pieces trimmed from an old tire. The glue has held fine, and the tire bits seem to be long-wearing.