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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by CJ Smith, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Sep 11, 2006
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    If you read these posts from time to time you will run across mine. I am still looking for ANY of the PLASTIC parts that went to the Shimano Sante headset. A great photo of the headset can be seen here:


    If you click the link above, scroll down to the fourth picture... The plastic parts are the headset nut cap and what someone once called "the trim ring" (the part w/ the Sante logo on it). For me an acceptable condition is fair to mint. If someone has the headset and not just the plastic parts or perhaps they don't want to split them up, I am ready and willing to pay good money (As opposed to bad money? LOL!) for the entire headset.

    Just yesterday one was sold on ebay SEE: It wasn't just the headset it was part of the entire groupo, but I already have all of that. The auction did include the nut cap, but it didn't have the trim ring (CLICK ON LINK ABOVE, THEN SCROLL DOWN TO THE 6th PICTURE). The seller was honest and overall really fantastic with his communication and that is reflected in his Q&A section, when he addressed the mising trim ring (scroll to question #1).

    Well, thanks for reading my post.

    JUST ONE NOTE: If you frequent the cyclingforums, you may see a rerun of this post somewhere down the line... I personally hope you don't see it again because that would mean that I found my parts and my nearly 10 year rebuild project would only be missing assembly and fresh paint... Now I am faced with the task of selecting a decent paint roller :eek: !!!!!!!!!!!!

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