Shimano's Ultegra Di2 11 speed


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May 23, 2013
Some time early on in the year , i was thinking of getting a DI2 spec bike .. Well as some will know that were part of that thread i got an Sworks Tarmac Di2 ..

there were plenty of discussions about how good or bad people thought they were , Dwell , difficult to change in winter with big gloves on . People saying no point waisting money , not worth it ...

Well I'm back to report and say this , Di2 is amazing , gear changing is quick and slick , it never misses .. As for winter gloves , Di2 is better than standard gear systems , Di2 a little tap and it changes , leave it pushed in and it's up or down all the gears in seconds .. Standard , you push the leaver over to change and gloves get caught up ..
All in all a real pleasure to ride ..
Glad you like it, dwell and all

Although Di2 is not exactly my cuppa joe, I know that Shimano put a lot of design, testing, and refinement into this system, and I believe it's worth every penny it costs to the rider who enjoys using it. Ride on with a smile, Cube.
Like i tell others. If it puts.... A HUGE SMILE ON YOUR FACE, YOU'VE CHOSEN THE RIGHT ONE! It amazes me at times that... as men, we forget what bicycling is all about! The first time you rode away with mom or dad in the background! For the first time in your life experiencing.. MOBILE FREEDOM! There is... NO PERFECT BIKE! We as MEN will NEVER ALLOW IT! It's the same in anything we MEN choose to do! They EGO! Stereo equipment is one perfect example. If i guy believes he hears something on a recording and the guy mastered the tape says that it wasn't put on there. You still will NEVER get the guy to change his mind... EVER! Point is... always get what makes YOU HAPPY! You don't live your life for those of us on this site.ENJOY YOUR NEW RIDE, YOU EARNED IT! Go be a kid again!