shock for older frame (1")


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Dec 1, 2002
After blowing out my knee and then having a baby, I'm ready to get back on my bike. But, my shock (and old Manitou with elastamers sp?) is shot. I'm not sure of the terminology, but current frames take shock with 1 1/8" tubes and my frame (Fat Chance Buckshaver XS) is only 1" at the juncture. The bike shop justed a Marsuki ? made by Douglas ?. Any other suggestions?
I think the 1&quot; means it was a threaded headset - it's like a one piece that connects the top of the fork, through the headtube, then makes a right angle and attaches to the handlebars.<br /><br />you can easily change it to a 1 1/8&quot; threadless - but you'll need a new headset and stem.<br /><br />Marzocchi's are my favorite fork and if you are upgrading - go with that one!
Funny, I just did a lot of similar research.<br /><br />If your old fork's steering tub is 1&quot;, then you need to get a new fork with a 1&quot; steering tube. Most forks now a days are 1 1/8&quot;, but you can still easily find them with the old 1&quot; steerer. Some forks sells thier steerer tubes seperately, like RST, and you can buy the 1&quot; tube with a &quot;shim&quot; that will alow it to be used in place of the 1 1/8&quot; tube. I don't know if you can use RST's steerer/shim with other forks. (I'm not familiar with RST, I just saw the sizing options on a website... I ride Manitou)<br /><br />If you are getting a new fork, you may as well get a new 1&quot; threadless headset if you don't already have one that's in good shape. It will give you more options for a fork. <br /><br />Another suggestion; you can send your same inquirey to [email protected] and they will reply promptly with your options on products, and they guarantee their prices. Or look up the headsets and forks on the site ( ) Their prices are great, but is the customer service that will hook you.
Call me.

I have found many people including me and my good friends 1" quality suspension forks. Marzocchi will most likey be the one as I may still be able to obtain some RST models.
I think Marzocchi and RST are basically the only companies that are offering 1'' steerers these days, you will almost certainly have to go to threadless, which will mean a new stem as well. You cant just stick a 1/1/8' fork in there as another poster suggested, the headtube is simply not big enough.

Another option might be to go fully rigid! You should be able to find any number of good quality 1" threaded forks at your LBS after everyone went to boingy forks and decided they didn't need their rigid ones any more. Chances are (pun intended) they will virtually throw these at you.

What ever you do, don't get rid of the Fat Chance, they're some of the finest steel mountain bikes ever made!!!

i posted a similar question a few weeks back and the only answer i got was get a new bike with Ahead 11/8".

i have a raleigh with 1" steerer threaded, so can i do the same? buy a threadless fork (1") and a new stem and just put it on?

this will save me money, i was just about to order a new frame just becuase i want front shocks!!

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