Shoe whitener for Giro Prolights?


New Member
Sep 7, 2007

I have these white Giro shoes. They are looking beat up, especially around the toe area from front tire scuffs. I have heard that using a white leather shoe polish won't work well because these shoes are not leather. Any shoe whitener out there that might work? White paint?

If plain water on a paper towel doesn't work ...

Then try a dampened paper towel + a drop-or-two of dish washing liquid ...

  • repeat as necessary
  • rinse with plain water

If that doesn't work OR if you don't have the patience, then FORMULA 409 has a mild solvent in it ...

  • rinse with plain water

There are intermediate options (e.g., windex-type glass cleaners).
Have you tried using some Oxyclean in the water? That stuff seems to work pretty well on a lot of things.