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Jan 14, 2006
On Sat morning whilst riding the plain country I saw a hill in the distance. Hmmm, something to investigate.

Dog Hill Rd was elevated but travelled around the hill about 1/3 the way up. Ah hah, there's a new estate road going to the top. Bugger, this didn't look that steep. Change to agro grip on the hbars (inverted sweepbacks on my SS 42x16 Repco Traveller...). Start freaking - these candy c's won't be letting go. Push like crazy. This won't do it. I have to weave up the hill! (not done since a 11 y.o.) Keep off the gravel! Got to keep going... it's good there's no cars around.

Well that was my excitement for the morning.

I compared this climb with the others I've previously profiled through Google Earth (the bike spec may indicate I'm not tech'd up).

My previous steepest climb:
The thousands who do the Mitchell Fwy bike path each week will be familiar with Gribble Rd in Gwelup. That had my previous record as a 1 in 12 climb with a 50m 1 in 10 section. She's short though - 220m and with a straight approach, momentum is on your side.

My previous steepest section:
Sackville Terrace going east and Ewen Street going west in Doubleview are two great climbs at about 800m in length. Ewen St is the big brother at 1 in 15 for the climb and a 50m section at 1 in 8.33. I have done this several times at a 40x17 ratio.

My new record on both counts:
The Horsfall Rd Baldivis climb, heading west, is only 233 metres long but you have to turn right to get onto it, so momentum isn't so much in your favour. The total climb comes in at 1 in 10 (23 in 233 acc. to google earth) and the steep section is 80m long at 1 in 8 (10 in 81).

Well I wasn't prepared for that. I almost didn't make it and I'm not practised at getting out of my cleats in that much of a hurry - let alone remembering to hit the brakes at the same time. Next time I will throw the 18T freewheel on.

What short and steeps around Perth do you guys recommend? (No I haven't taken a bike up Jacob's ladder.)

Speaking of Mitchell Fwy Bike Path, how about the hill near a few Kms further north of is much steeper; I have ridden this commute hundreds of times. top of the hill is under the Warwick Rd bike path underpass. Hill is not as steep as Ewen St but is awesome nonetheless. Give it a try.
Yes I do recall that one Steve. I've done it once up the cycle path and last year I rode it on the Fwy southbound lanes with the missus on the Freeway Bike Hike. The freeway version is a bit milder from memory.

Regarding other steep hills around town, there are two I am yet to do.

St Georges Tce/Malcolm St from Hill St up to Kings Park looks to be fairly testing. The first 450 metres of 819 is at a mild 1 in 30. The final 367m though bite hard: 1 in 12.67 with the steepest section at 1 in 9. Totals are 819m, 44m rise, 1 in 18.6....amongst the traffic/traffic lights.

But Mount St, one block to the south from Malcolm St (towards Jacob's Ladder) has to be one of the stiffest tests in Perth. It is quiet, and short. 35m up in 291 metres. Yep, that's 1 in 8.3 or 12% over the total climb. The steepest section is a mere 34m long at a mighty 1 in 6.7, or 14.9%. I have walked up this one and it's almost a hands-pumping-thighs climb. I will not be trying this climb without a compact gear ratio setup.

Has anyone got a first-hand report of Mount St?
I finally did Mount St on the weekend - after doing Dog Hill (see 1st post). Yes there is 50k between them. I now have a rando bike with great climbing gearing - 48/34 on the front and 11-32 on the back. I did Dog Hill in 34/32 but in hindsight (at the top) that was too low, was spinning way too quick but I did get up the hill fairly smartly. 50 odd km later I was turning onto the bottom of Mount St form the Mitchell Fwy bike path. I stated in the 2nd lowest gear (29T I think) but was fairly promptly into 34/32. Never close to stalling with that gearing but it was certainly a big grind. Satisfying.
Where is Dog Hill?

I find mount street is to short. Quick sprint to the top.

Gooseberry hill (Kalamunda) is a loong grind with a nasty pinch at the top. 8.3 over 2km

Topping that is Dodd Rd of walnut Rd back of kalamunda. 15% over 200 meters

Another little sweety is Beach end of Sackville Terrace. 12.9% over 200 meters
Hey dustynz - I've never been to the beach end of Sackville Tce, always followed the cars around Coral St. What gearing do you get up Mount St in?

Dog Hill is a couple k south east of the Kwinana Fwy and Mundijong Rd intersection, near Baldivis. Actually the toughest climb in Perth I've heard of but haven't yet investigated is Paterson Rd, Mt Nasura. It's apparently about 800m @14.5%.
I can't see where on doghill road the big hill is.

Found the Paterson Road and agree, Looks like a new leader

Will give it a stab next time.

As for Mount st
Can't remember what gearing as was a while ago however will have a stab tomorrow on the single speed. Running 50 x 18 on 700x23c

Had a go at Sackville Terrace this morning on the single speed. 12.9% over 200 meters. Peaks at 18%. Elev 26m. Ave speed of 24km/h

Mount st is 11.1% over 300 meters. Peaks at 16%. 34m climbing. Being optimistic and say it is gentler but longer. ;)

On a similar subject I am starting training for 3 peaks next year. Need to train for 1 x 600m climb and 2 x 1000+ meter climbs. What is the longest continuous climb in Perth. Been using Mills road East at 260m over 3.6km and doing laps. Ave grade of 7.3%. Aiming for 6-7 laps.
Dog Hill Rd circumnavigates the hill. The climb up Dog Hill is heading west on Horsfall Rd.

I think Mills Rd East is as good as it gets for decent climb for the ks. Canning Mills Rd is steeper at about 230mtrs climb. Brookton Hwy (Mount St to Chevin Rd) is a 285mtrs climb but doubles the ridden distance over Mills Rd East.
Had a stab at Mount st this morning and averaged just over 30k.7m/h. 4th place on the leader board.

Basically was able to sprint it with a 50 x 18
Had a stab at Mount st this morning and averaged just over 30k.7m/h. 4th place on the leader board.

Basically was able to sprint it with a 50 x 18

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