Short Rider On A 29er, Possible?


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Aug 25, 2015
I'm short and I've always ridden 26" bikes, but the other day we were at one of our LBS with the SO and I fell in love at first sight with a Kona Mohala. I'm not thinking about switching my bike yet -though that Kona is really tempting me- but I was it got me thinking if it was possible for me to ride such a big bike comfortably? (since I'm slowly running out of option as more and more manufacturers choose this size for women's bike). The LBS had the Kona in only one size (two sizes bigger than my current bike) so I wasn't able to properly test and feel the bike and if it'd be comfortable for me.

These bikes look SO BIG and kinda intimidating I'm afraid to get out of my 26" comfort zone. And when I say I'm short, I'm reaaally short, barely 5'. Long legs and short arms.

So, any shorties out there rocking the 29ers?
Before you set out on a bike whose frame is too big for you, be aware that some brands are making 14" 29er trail bikes. Seek them if you're set on wagon wheels.

Trek, on the other hand, has decided that smaller riders are more comfortable and have more control if their wheels are smaller. Their better trail bikes use 27.5 (650B) wheels for sizes smaller than 17". I suggest checking these out.
Yep, it's really important to get the right size or else you will be doing it inadequately and might get injured.
Thanks guys. Sadly I live in a small city so bike stores don't carry only one size of a bike. If I want to try a S or XS bike, chances are I'll probably have to buy it first :(
I just looked up the 2016 Mohola on the Kona bikes website. Sweet bike. it's a 27.5, available in S, M, and L. Surely, this shop should be able to find one, or a similar model with the same fit, for you to test ride.

Here's the page:
I'm 5'2" and I rock the Niner Jet 9 carbon in the XS. It is THE most amazing bike I have ever ridden. I didn't get to ride it before I bought it...but it's perfect. I still ride 650's on my road bikes, but am totally sold on the 29 wheels. Haven't ridden a 650B, other than a Julianna that was sluggish and tank-like next to my Niner.
You remind me of my niece who measures below 5 feet. But whenever we would go to Baguio City - that is a mountain resort where bike rental is very popular - she would always pick either a racer bike or a big mountain bike. She said that big bikes give her more power. But she has difficulty getting on it because she has small legs, hahahaaa. Since it is a leisurely ride because we were in a park, I always choose the easy rider, a low bike with long handle bars, just for the effects (camera).

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