Should be a Heat Shock Respose



If my hypothesis of life as an energy moderator is
correct - one would expect to find some remnants
of the effect of temp on genes:

"When the temp at which fruit fly larvae were developing was raised from the normal 25C to 32C, a
number of new sites on the giant chromosomes of the larval cells became activated...The results
suggested that increased temp induces the expression of new genes, a finding that was confirmed a
decade later (70's) with the characterization of several new proteins that are present in the larva
following temp elevation. It was soon found that this response, called the heat shock response, is
not confined to fruit flies, but can be initiated in many different cells from virtually every type
of organism - from bacteria to plants and mammals." Cell and Mole Bio, karp.

If this was not the case, it would be good evidence that I was not correct.

Comment? Tom