Should be able to go faster with pantours.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Alpha Beta, Apr 8, 2003.

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  1. Alpha Beta

    Alpha Beta Guest

    A lot of people have said that pantours will probably not increase your speed. But I would like
    to offer a counter opinion. Buy pantours and pump your tires up to 30 percent more than
    recommended. The higher the tire pressure, the lower the rolling resistance.The suspension takes
    the roughness out.

    This was Alex Moutons theory.

    Without suspension and normal tire pressure, the tires absorb some of the shock enegry which is then
    distributed as heat in the tires. With higher than normal tire pressure less energy is absorbed and
    more returned in the elastic response. But this this means bounce.

    With higher than normal tire pressure and suspension, the shock absorbs some of the energy (which
    heats the spring) and some returns in the elastic response. It is somewhat a trade off with high
    pressure only, but you do get the control.

  2. Seth Jayson

    Seth Jayson Guest

    I know I'm faster on the pantours even with just the recommended pressure in my tires. The reason is
    that I don't have to slow down and swerve as much to avoid the bad pavement that would otherwise
    rattle my teeth out of my head.

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