should fit cyclists eat when they are hungry?


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Oct 8, 2006

First thing is congrad's on your current success. You've dropped a huge amount already.

I'd say that you likely know what works for you based on your past experience. If you have been eating at night everything seems to be working for you.

The big thing is that those last 8 pounds will take months to lose. If you could throw in some LSD (long slow distance rides) in the next few months that might help but the lose will be VERY gradual. On the LSD ride don't ride hard at all and don't over eat after the ride. Your muscles shouldn't really be sore after the ride just a little bit tired (no muscle breakdown just calories burnt). I know its very old school but its worked for me in the past (5'11-145lbs when I was training and working everyday).

David1234 said:
I am 5'8 and 162. I cycle 120 to 150 miles per week. I used to be 203lb. I want to be 154lb and I have always had a habit of eating late at nite which would be bad i know if i were overweight but what about now? should i eat whenever i am hungry? The foods i choose to eat are what i consider healthy. fruit, complex carbs ect.